5 Fun Adelaide Corporate Team Building Ideas

5 Fun Adelaide Corporate Team Building Ideas - Activities

5 Fun Adelaide Corporate Team Building Ideas

“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” Mattie J.T Stepanek.

Here are 5 fun Adelaide Corporate team building ideas for your next team building event!

Regular team building events have several advantages your for your business. They can:

  • Improve productivity
  • Improve communication
  • Keep employees motivated
  • Help employees connect with each other away from the office
  • Help employees thing differently about the way they solve problems

Before we get started…

The Function offers the most fun and interactive team building activities in Adelaide! We divvy you up into groups of between 5 and 10, strap you to your fellow team mates, set you challenges and watch as you go about conquering them.

Our team building challenges are suitable for men and women of all ages;  with as few as 10 and as many as 200+ participants. And no matter how old you are, we can turn you into a child who yells and screams with delight during this challenging and fun-filled Adelaide team building experience!

Each challenge is tailor-made to help motivate your group. And you get to reward yourself and your team at the end of it all… Later, after your team building exercise is complete, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to heaps of rides and games!

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5 Fun Adelaide Corporate Team Building Ideas - The Function Glenelg

Team Building at The Beachouse

You’ve got the team… And we’ve got the space! To begin with, a venue  needs to accommodate plenty of people and loads of activity. The Beachouse’s team building packages are designed to inspire, challenge and encourage your staff and colleagues.

There’s plenty of fun to be had! From dodgem car tag team races, to dance battles, to arcade game challenges and a friendly round of mini-golf. Our team building activities will motivate your team, foster collaboration and unleash fun interaction within your team members.

5 Fun Adelaide Corporate Team Building Ideas - The Beachouse Glenelg

Boot Camp Experience

Atttteeeention troops! Our powerful boot camp team building experience will create camaraderie and Esprit de Corps within your team. We’ll also help to build staff morale and kiss that comfort zone goodbye! Your team will experience a little – or perhaps, a lot – of every possible emotion it takes to pull together as a team. With this tried and proven team bonding challenge, your team will band together in no time – tackling tasks head on and achieving amazing results.

Shark Tank Challenge

A great task to follow-up a conference, seminar or meeting! Teams or individuals develop an idea or product after the new information they have received from your conference. By collaborating with their team, they then sell this idea to the other groups.

As well as free thinking, creative and sometimes outrageous ideas, a pitch challenge like Shark Tank helps develops out-of-the-box thinking and collaboration. Also, it improves communication and bonding between teams that will serve them well when the get back to the office.

 Learn more about The Function’s Adelaide Conference Room…

5 Fun Adelaide Corporate Team Building Ideas - Conferences Adelaide

The Amazing Race

We’ve seen the show… But how will your team cope under the pressure of their very own Amazing Race? Our team designs challenges and starts the clock, with clues, questions and instructions. The team will navigate their way around notable sites to find answers!

Importantly, this form of team building teaches communication skills, team work, patience and working under pressure. So send your team out of the office! Help them gather answers to riddles and clues from famous landmarks around the area.

Survivor Challenges

Team work at its finest! Start by getting your team together for the ultimate elimination challenge. Each person or group can be judged on how well they completed the task, fighting to survive and stay in the game amongst their colleagues. In addition to increasing the teams’ competitive drive and comradery, this will also successfully instill team work, motivation,and communication.

5 Fun Adelaide Corporate Team Building Ideas - Glenelg

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The Function has team building covered. We offer a ‘pick-and-mix’ from three levels of facilities at The Beachouse, for any team building challenge. From mini-golf, dodgem cars, bumper boats to arcade games galore, our Adelaide team building is quite clearly not just another day at the office. Consequently, the air will be thick with camaraderie as your staff work and play together.

The Function has carefully and cleverly designed a space that fosters team work and collaboration and creates a stimulating environment for team building in Adelaide.

Our venue is fully equipped for hands-on team building which includes fun activities to help your team bond. So unite your team, work together, bond, inspire creative ideas and grow as a team!

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5 Fun Adelaide Corporate Team Building Ideas - Team Bonding

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